GWTP's Training Program helps single mother find meaningful employment.

Veronica Bell 

“Everything that GWTP taught me, I apply everyday to my job here at Terrace Paper Company,” says Veronica Bell. As a single-mother struggling to make ends meet Veronica worked various minimum wage jobs but she soon wanted to learn a new trade and better her situation. Veronica was unemployed for several months when she saw an advertisement for GWTP’s Shipping and Receiving Training Program in a church bulletin. Veronica decided to apply and began her 12-week training.

“I was really nervous because there were so many men in the program. But I was determined to try my best and the Shipping and Receiving Instructors encouraged me to apply myself.” Veronica received hands-on training in fork lift operating, computerized tracking systems, and polished her basic math and reading skills. “I think I was one of the best forklift drivers at the end of training!” exclaims Veronica. With transportation assistance from GWTP, Veronica rode the bus two hours each day to training and always got to class on time. GWTP staff worked closely with Veronica as graduation drew near on pre-employment preparation by helping to polish her resume and interviewing skills.

When Terrace Paper Company, an employer partner, submitted a job order to Greater West Town Training Partnership for a Forklift Driver, Veronica interviewed for the position. She was offered the job at Terrace Paper Company and has been with the company for two years. Veronica started in April, 2007 at $10.00/hr and currently makes $14.00/hr with full company benefits. “I started off as a Forklift Driver and after four months I was promoted to third-party billing. Recently, I just trained my replacement because Terrace Paper Company promoted me to be a Shipping and Receiving Clerk. At first, my current supervisor had his doubts about whether or not I could operate a forklift well and he actually didn’t want to hire me in the beginning. But now I am his right-hand woman. I really sweated to get to where I am now but I am a steady hard worker and my company recognizes that.” 
Veronica sees herself advancing at Terrace Paper Company and aspires to go into sales. Now, with her steady income, Veronica has been able to gain financial independence. She moved into her own apartment and can better support her daughter and newborn son. Veronica is also encouraged that there are other GWTP training graduates at Terrace Paper Company, “When I saw other GWTP graduates working at the same company and advancing, I knew that GWTP was a good program. At first, all the training that I received at GWTP didn’t make sense but now I am putting everything to use every single day and I am glad that I paid close attention to the instructors. ”

For over twenty years Greater West Town Training Partnership has recruited, trained, and placed disadvantaged community residents. Over eight hunded and fifty individuals have graduated from Shipping & Receiving. The next time you are in need of a qualified, motivated individual for your shipping & receiving department, give us a call. At GWTP we recognize that it takes more than just technical skills training to help our students become in-demand, long-term employees. Call us today to find the employee you need to start tomorrow.