About Us


The Shipping and Receiving Training Program is a vocational training program that prepares participants for a wide range of skilled occupations in the transportation, distribution, and logistics (TDL) industry. Since 1996, the program has graduated 1,087 trainees.  


Our (GWTP) Vocational Training Program's mission is to address the related problems of unemployment, poverty, lack of occupational skills, and lack of access to quality jobs for disadvantaged community residents of the Near West Side, West Town, East Garfield Park, and Humboldt Park community areas.

The program enhances employment opportunities for community residents by providing vocational skills training and support services for long-term career development.

The program contributes to the retention and expansion of local industry by providing trained and motivated workers needed in area companies.

Target Population

The program's target population is under-served, multiple-barriered participants including: low-income unemployed, limited English speakers, non-high school completers, single parents, lesser skilled dislocated workers, ex-offenders, homeless, and women seeking non-traditional careers.

Graduate Rates 

As reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) for its most recent reporting period from December 2015 through November 2016, the Shipping and Receiving Training Program graduated 44 of the 48 students available for graduation, a graduation rate of 92%. Of the 42 graduates available for employment, 37 were employed in the field, an employment rate of 88%.